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From simple purveyor product support to full blown brand activation, Indie Chefs Week provides a platform for brands to reach young, affluent culinary appreciators as well as up-and-coming and established chefs in markets across North America. The interactivity of the dinners provide unique insights to the guests and allow them to “peek behind the curtain” of the professional kitchen, learn about the collaborative and creative process, and witness techniques and the equipment the best chefs in the world use in the execution of the craft.

Our participant chefs represent a wide range of backgrounds. From Michelin starred, James Beard Foundation, and Food & Wine Best New Chef award winners who own their own restaurant to the Chef de cuisines and sous chefs that help execute that success, our typical participant is on the fast track to success, an influencer in the hospitality industry, and the person in charge of purchasing and buying decisions at his or her operation.

We’re conscientious of the issues plaguing our industry. Sexism, harassment, rigidity, and representation by a homogenous archetype of the same white, male chef. Chefs driven more by Instagram followers, google alerts, and ego. We don’t care who you are, your gender, your ethnicity, or sexual orientation or identity; our question is- can you cook? Are you passionate? Can you check your ego at the door? Can you come together with 23 other like-minded, passionate cooks and create something memorable?

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Sponsor Inquiry

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Richie Nakano

Why is Indie Chefs Week different?

Most food festivals are what is known as dine-arounds; sprawling setups with dozens of chefs at their own tables or tent passing out canapés or appetizers that have been sitting out all day while waiting on the cattle call of guests to come by and try what you’d generously describe as a “bite.” The guests don’t get much time with the chefs as they’re pressured by a line of more guests behind them and by the time they reach all the tables, many of the chefs are out of food. The wine is pedestrian at best and the service in non-existent. The chefs aren’t happy to be there and on top of it all, they’ve most likely come out of pocket to attend in exchange for publicity for the restaurant.

Indie Chefs Week is a sit down, composed prix fixe dinner paired with delicious, small producer wines. We provide excellent service akin to the finest restaurants around each city we visit. Our chefs create thoughtful, composed dishes representative of the food they make in their own restaurant kitchens. Our wines are from the highest quality boutique biodynamic and/or organic producers typically in a family run operation. The dinners are interactive- we introduce the chefs and they tell stories about their restaurants, their journey throughout their career, and anecdotes about their experience at ICW. The chefs mingle with the guests once their dish is served and are available to answer questions. VIP guests get even further behind the curtain as they get to arrive early for a meet & greet with the chefs, are given full access to the kitchens during final preparation, and get to experience a restaurant ‘lineup’ which is when the chefs prepare sample dishes to explain to other chefs as well as the front of house staff. They also sit just 2 feet from the chefs as they all help out to plate each other’s dishes.

Our sponsors and guests allow us to cover all expenses required to attend an ICW as a chef including airfare, hotel accommodations, food costs, and a full of itinerary of events including culinary tours of restaurants, bars, and important voices in the local city food culture. We provide a conduit for chefs to meet new friends and collaborators across different food markets in North America and learn best practices in running their own kitchens, stamping out harassment, and techniques to further their own abilities. Our chef networking has resulted in incubating new ideas in food, sustainability, and operations and has been a catalyst for chefs to step out on their own and open their own restaurants.

ICW Houston

May 3-4-6, 2018

  • 3 nights / 24 chefs

  • Thursday, May 3rd – Dinner at 7:30PM
  • Regular ticket $195, VIP $225
  • Friday, May 4th – Dinner at 7:30PM
  • Regular ticket $195, VIP $225
  • Sunday, May 6th – Dinner at 7:00PM
  • Regular ticket $205, VIP $250
  • A portion of ticket sales supports No Kid Hungry

**Due to the nature of the event, we apologize that we cannot accommodate special dietary requests.**
**Tickets are nonrefundable but transferable**